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Being a Voice for the Unborn

Who are the ones affected by abortion?  Well, there’s the child; the mother; the father; the grandparents and extended family; the friends; the medical staff; the legislators and leaders; those who will make the profit; and those who will suffer the loss.   In one way or another every citizen suffers the effects when a nation […]

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Next Painting Day

“Many hands make light (also bright & cheerful) work.”   That’s how the hallways throughout our building now look, thanks to the many willing hands of a number of you who helped paint the NOW COMPLETED HALLWAYS. Thanks for your diligence!  The next Paint Day is October 24. Pastor Herman is heading up a refurbishing the […]

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GROW Classes Starting Sunday!

The next series of GROW (Getting Rich on the Word) classes will be starting Sunday, September 20.  These classes (Sunday School) will be held at 9am for all ages. Last weekend, Most Wanted Youth hosted a GROW Kickoff Breakfast, which was a huge success!  You can see photos from the breakfast below:

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“Fire in My Heart” by Pastor George

Even though summer has bypassed Chicagoland, I had a strong taste of it this week as I spent the week in Southern California, enjoying 95+ degree temperatures and even the fragrance of the nearby Station Fires in Los Angeles. I sensed renewed “fire in my heart” as I gleaned from the life and ministry of […]

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An Invitation to Pray

Another Ramadan season is ending, the time when Muslims world-wide seek God through prayer, fasting, and extra financial giving.  Wednesday night is named the Night of Power and is honored by pleading all-night long for God’s mercy and salvation.  As Muslims gather around the world to seek God and ask for His special revelation, let […]

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