“Fire in My Heart” by Pastor George

“Fire in My Heart” by Pastor George


Even though summer has bypassed Chicagoland, I had a strong taste of it this week as I spent the week in Southern California, enjoying 95+ degree temperatures and even the fragrance of the nearby Station Fires in Los Angeles.

I sensed renewed “fire in my heart” as I gleaned from the life and ministry of Pastor Jack Hayford.  Along with about 40 other senior pastors, I participated in one of Jack Hayford’s Schools of Pastoral Nurture.  It was paid for partially by the National Church Office, partially by our Heartland District, and partially by Family Life Church.

I came home with a lot to think about and process.  I believe that over time there will be a new level of spiritual health and vitality in our church as a result.  This will necessarily spill over into having a significant influence on the people that you and I live and work and play and go to school with.

Excited about Jesus,
Pastor George