Who are the ones affected by abortion?  Well, there’s the child; the mother; the father; the grandparents and extended family; the friends; the medical staff; the legislators and leaders; those who will make the profit; and those who will suffer the loss.   In one way or another every citizen suffers the effects when a nation loses sight of the supreme value of every human life.   As Christians, we our responsible to pray for our nation and that the heart of our nation would change; but there are also times when we can let our voice be heard . . . like on Sunday, October 4.  That’s when there will be a Life Chain outside our building on Washington Street (from Noon – 1p.m.).  A Life Chain is a chance to “be a voice for the unborn,” serving as a reminder to our community that human life is valuable and deserving of protection.   By holding signs encouraging adoption and silently praying, it is a way we can have a voice, even among those of us who normally feel shy or timid.   If you have never participated in a life chain before, consider participating this year.   It’s a small way to say, “I care and I’m praying for you.”
–Beth Jones