Posts from May 2013

Just for Women

Every woman is invited, Saturday, June 1, to a gathering JUST FOR WOMEN. It will be in FLC’s Conference Room, from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. with breakfast & childcare provided. With Aksana Kaefer, we will explore “Rebekah” (key scriptures are: Genesis 24 and 25:19-34).

FRCZ Monthly Collection

If you know of any: used baby monitors, nursing supplies or new child car seats, the Family Resource Center of Zion is always on the lookout for these items. They may be brought to church every 3rd Sunday of the month (for our FRCZ collection).

On Mother’s Day…

At the age of sixteen, my mother lost her mother. For that reason (and because I had a bad view of God back then) I also feared losing my mother when I was sixteen. Mercifully, God blessed me with 37 years beyond sixteen to enjoy life with my Mom. I had many more birthdays and Mother’s Days to tell her how much I loved her. In reflecting on her life, I realize how my mother’s trust in God enabled her…

Thinking About Becoming a Member?

We will be receiving new members soon. If you have been thinking about it, please contact the church office! The four simple requirements for membership at Family Life Church are: – You must be at least 9 years of age (though you cannot vote until 18) – You have been baptized in water by immersion – You must be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of the church – You must show evidence of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ