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Message: “Learn From History, Don’t Repeat It!”

On Sunday, May 25, 2014, Pastor Jones gave a message titled, “Learn From History, Don’t Repeat It!”.  

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Message: “Running to Win!”

Pastor Jones’ message from May 18, 2014, titled, “Running to Win!”

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Message: “Laying Down My Rights”

Pastor Jones’ message from May 11, 2014, titled, “Laying Down My Rights–That I Might Win Some”.  

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Message: “The Glasses We Wear”

Pastor George’s message from May 4, 2014, titled, “The Glasses We Wear”.

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Accessibility 2014

We are coming up on five years of ownership of our main church building.  If you were here when it was purchased, you remember the needy condition it was in.  Much labor, most of which was volunteer, went into remodeling the key areas—nursery, toddler room, offices, main bathrooms, youth room and rear entrance.  In addition, new […]

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Message: Bill Walters

On April 27, 2014, Bill Walters gave the Sunday Morning message.

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