Accessibility 2014

Accessibility 2014

We are coming up on five years of ownership of our main church building.  If you were here when it was purchased, you remember the needy condition it was in.  Much labor, most of which was volunteer, went into remodeling the key areas—nursery, toddler room, offices, main bathrooms, youth room and rear entrance.  In addition, new boilers were installed, as were a security system and significant technical systems.  Much general maintenance and painting were performed.

In the back of our minds was always the necessity of making the building accessible.  The building was built in two stages in the last century, when little thought was given to accessibility.  Now, thanks to the vision of the church, ongoing donations of members and a generous bequest, our building will become much more welcoming to everyone!

Beginning Monday, May 5, 2014, demolition will begin to make room for a vertical platform lift.  We expect that within three months the new lift will be installed.  The old café bathroom will become a newly remodeled, accessible, unisex bathroom!

No doubt there will be some inconvenience and some dust, but the end result will be worth it!  Personally, I believe that not only will the work make our building accessible, but it will send a clear message that we truly care about all people and that we are willingto invest to make our church family available to all.   Pastor George


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