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Message: Memorial Day (Bill Walters)

A Memorial Day message by Bill Walters from May 27, 2012.

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Message: “Being a Daniel”

The message from May 20, 2012 by Pastor Jones titled, “Being a Daniel”.

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Sermon: “A Walk Through A Wax Museum”

The Mother’s Day sermon from Sunday, May 13, by Pastor Jones titled, “A Walk Through A Wax Museum”.

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Motherhood & Margaritas!

Maybe you read the story out of Texas this week of the young mother who was jailed after allegedly leaving her 2-year-old in a hot car while she was inside a restaurant drinking chilled margaritas. Jessica Christian was charged with child abandonment after police say she left her young son in the car with the […]

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Sermon: “Heartbeat of the Church”

The Sunday Morning sermon from May 6, 2012 by guest speaker, Pastor Dan Mundt, titled, “Heartbeat of the Church”

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