Maybe you read the story out of Texas this week of the young mother who was jailed after allegedly leaving her 2-year-old in a hot car while she was inside a restaurant drinking chilled margaritas. Jessica Christian was charged with child abandonment after police say she left her young son in the car with the engine off and the car windows cracked for about forty minutes. The outside temperature was 83 and the windows were cracked, but still the temperature inside the car could have reached stifling levels.

While there are the stories about mothers who seem to find their children “too much trouble,” the majority of mothers are loving and nurturing and unselfish. These are certainly the traits I think of when I remember my own mother who has been with the Lord since 1995.

Godly mothers go through nine months of discomfort and then endure “hard labor”! They change thousands of diapers and clean up endless messes. They lose sleep over a child with a fever. As their children grow up, it changes some, but there is always the concern, the shoulder to cry on, the carrying of burdens, and the readiness to offer help. Even a mother with adult children, is always a mother and always has to be willing to give of herself. Motherhood, once it begins, never ends until death!

Naturally, fathers are necessary and often do more than their share to provide for and nurture their offspring. But today is Mother’s Day, so we wish to honor the mothers in our midst—not just with a greeting or card, but by giving them the honor they deserve!

–Pastor George P. Jones