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The Persecuted Church

Dear Church, We try to keep you apprised of the persecution of Christians around the world.  The Bible tells us to remember those who are imprisoned as though we ourselves were suffering.  Increasingly reports of the persecution of believers are being reported in mainstream news, which is excellent!  Persecution is getting much more attention.  Just […]

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No G.R.O.W. Classes This Sunday

In light of the Christmas holiday the day before, there will be no G.R.O.W. classes on Sunday, December 26. We will be having a 10am service, but that will be the only event taking place that day.

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Giving Gifts Out of Obligation?

For some of us at this time of year, every time we pass it, we “toss a coin into the kettle.” We feel a pang of guilt if we don’t (especially if our carts or arms happen to be overflowing with shopping bags). We “toss our coin” out of a sense of obligation. I wonder–do […]

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LIVE! from Bethlehem

On Sunday, December 19, LIVE FROM BETHLEHEM is coming to Family Life Church! This is a special Christmas production the children and youth of our church are involved in. At the conclusion, a Christmas luncheon will be enjoyed together. Plan, now, to invite your family and friends for this special service at 10am!

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Reflection During the Christmas Season

The first time Christ came to earth was as a baby. The second time will be as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Christ’s first and second comings are our focus at Christmas and also our challenge. It’s a challenge because at Christmas we are bombarded with consumerism, constant busyness, and anxiousness. It’s […]

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