The first time Christ came to earth was as a baby. The second time will be as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Christ’s first and second comings are our focus at Christmas and also our challenge.

It’s a challenge because at Christmas we are bombarded with consumerism, constant busyness, and anxiousness. It’s a challenge because “our culture” doesn’t even acknowledge it has a need, much less a need for Jesus Christ, the Savior. To imply that Jesus Christ is also “the King and Lord who is coming to judge the world” is not exactly “acceptable Christmas-Party conversation” and definitely not politically correct. Yet God’s Word is true–Christ is coming again, regardless of what popular culture espouses.

In order to stand out from the culture, during the Christmas season, it would be good to spend some time in reflection (that means–getting alone with God)! Think about what Jesus’ first coming has meant for you. Is Jesus Christ your King, and are you longing for His second coming? Ask God to give you a fresh revelation of how much He really loves you. Your focus will be renewed. You will walk around, viewing people and situations through God’s eyes. And when somebody at the Christmas party asks you the reason for your season, you’ll be prepared to tell them, “It’s Jesus.”

–Beth Jones