On Sunday, october 21 at 10am, we will be hosting Ricky Bueno from FrontLine Street Intervention.

Joining a gang at age 15, as a way to gain respect, Ricky started robbing and stealing, taking pride in his nickname, “Bandit.” After getting into drugs and alcohol, Ricky eventually dropped out of high school, giving up on becoming a doctor or lawyer; he just wanted to be a gangster. Quickly finding himself in trouble with the law, he ended up in prison four times, even becoming a gang leader there. But something happened during his last prison sentance–he picked up a Bible and started reading it. That’s when Jesus Christ changed his life around!

Knowing how Jesus changed him, today Ricky desires to see youth fulfill their potential in life with a sense of dignity, honor, respect and destiny. His organization, FrontLine Street Intervention, partners with parents, ex-gang members, mentors, community-based organizations of mutual purpose, police departments and probation officers to accomplish this task.