Important Building Update

Important Building Update

Dear Church,

After renting the Shelia Daniels Academy for over seven years, the opportunity is upon us to purchase the building! Pastor Harry Stackhouse of The Sign of the Dove has contacted me and indicated that they would like the sale to happen quickly. They may even rent it back from us for the last few months of this present school year. What has made all this possible is the collapse of their roof on 10th Street back in November. Afterwards the building was gutted and they were able to make modifications that would accommodate moving the Shelia Daniels school to that location.

Thankfully the Lord has put us in the position where we have cash to cover this purchase price!

I will be meeting with Pastor Harry this week to iron out specifics. I think it is highly likely that we will have a contract by the end of the week. I am guessing that we could close on the building as early at the beginning part of April.

As you know we have a congregational meeting scheduled for next Sunday, February 15th. There will be time for extensive discussion at that time. There is the possibility that we could even vote at time whether or not to proceed with the purchase. Please make every effort to be at this meeting.

Have a good week—don’t forget who you are in Christ!

Pastor George