“Why Do We Love?”


Written by Samantha Steinke for her school newspaper, Christian Life Chronicle

Have you ever asked the question “Why do we love?” I know that I have. I’ve asked myself time and time again why I feel the way I do about certain people. Quoting from Jane Austin’s book, Sense and Sensibility, “Is love a fancy or a feeling?” We all have people in our lives that we love in one way or another, whether they are a close family member, someone that we are romantically attached to, or even God. So, why do we love?

Well, it all has to do with God. God sent His Son into the world out of love for us. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved”. . . Stop right there. See that special keyword: love? God loves us. Since He created us in His own image, we love, too. Without the first presence of God’s infinite, abounding love, we would not even have our own meager ability to love.

So the real answer to the question, “Why do we love?” is this: “Because He first loved us!” You love because God loves. The truth is, love is not just a fancy. It is much more. It is powerful, given to us as a gift from God. Thank God for His ultimate gift of love, because without it, what a sad place the world would be.