This is a very big week in the life of our church! On Wednesday morning, Herman Ignaco and Mark Jones head to the Philippines to build the new house for Pastor Gil Barcelo and his family. This is the fulfillment of a dream! In case you are new to our church, we helped start the Tres Cruses Foursquare Church in the Philippines. We were soon blessed with Pastor Gil Barcelo who was willing to move his family to Tres Cruses and start the work out of a home. After the church began to grow, our church built a new building in Tres Cruses. The next logical step was to construct a new house for the pastor, since the existing house was sub-standard, to say the least. A new parsonage is a way to invest in the church for years to come.

Our church easily grabbed hold of the vision and raised the money necessary to build a simple home. It took about two years to raise $16,000 and another year to go through the legal hoops necessary to transfer the property properly. We kept with it and now, with the Lord’s help our dream is about to become a reality! Please uphold Herman and Mark in your most regular prayers!

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