Spring is Here!

Whew – we officially made it through another winter in the Midwest.  From this point on, even if we have more snow, we watch the buds start forming on the trees and we get excited.  We know the end is in sight — warmer weather is coming!

Jesus describes a fig tree’s twigs getting tender and its leaves coming out in the spring.  He says, “Even so, when you see these things, you know that it is near, right at the door” (Matthew 24:33 NIV).  Jesus is not talking about springtime but about His coming again to the earth.  He previously describes earthquakes, famines, wars, persecution of believers, false prophets, increased wickedness, etc. as evidence of this.  When we wake up in the morning and learn the latest devastation in the world, we ask, “How much longer can this go on?”  God doesn’t tell us how long but He does say that it won’t be much longer.  These signs tell us the end is in sight – Jesus is coming again!

Church of Jesus Christ – It is springtime!  It’s time for us to GET EXCITED as well as TIME TO GET BUSY!  People around us are asking important questions about, “What’s going on in the world and why?”  Let’s be busy planting the seeds of the Gospel (the good news about Jesus Christ) in hearts that are being made tender.

–Beth Jones