Dear Church,

Revival Temple was thrilled to receive the backpacks all stuffed and ready-to-go.  They are excited about the outreach on Saturday, expecting at least 250 families from North School to attend.  In addition to giving out backpacks there will also be free food, a clothing give-away, blood pressure and diabetes screening, a gospel presentation, a prayer station, and plenty of activities for children.  With so much to offer, this event has been appropriately named Hopefest.

It is clear to see that Revival Temple is a church with a big vision.  It is likely that many more families than the expected 250 will show up, as North School has advertised the event to its 600+ families.  At this point, Revival Temple needs as much help as possible, and they would greatly appreciate it if any of us could show up to help as well.  Whether it’s filling out registration cards or helping direct children, our cheerful smiles and helping hands would be greatly appreciated.

If you are available, please show up at Revival Temple at 11 am in the morning for prayer and directions. From there cars will be loaded and sent to North school just blocks away, and the event will last from 12-4 pm.

I have included the church’s address below as well as a flier for it: Hopefest 2009

Corrie Jones

Revival Temple Church
228 N. County St.
Waukegan IL 60085