Tres Cruses 1st Anniversary!

Tres Cruses 1st Anniversary!

Dear Church,

This Sunday is the 1st anniversary of the Tres Cruses Foursquare  Church, the church that we have helped begin in the Philippines.  I have just sent the church a congratulatory email.  I decided to send all of you a copy so that you may rejoice!

Pastor George

Dear Pastor Gil and Nora,

On behalf of our church here in Waukegan, we extend to you congratulations on the 1st Anniversary of the Tres Cruses Foursquare Church!   We know that this anniversary represents the sovereignty of God the Father, the redemption of God the Son, and the Counsel and Guidance of God the Holy Spirit.   We know, as well, that it represents your faithfulness, perseverance and obedience to God.  We believe that in His graciousness God has begun a very healthy, thriving church in Tres Cruses, one with great potential.

May God bless everyone who has helped make this church a reality.  According to the Word of God,  “. . . the Lord has assigned to each his task (1 Cor 3:5 NIV).”  As each applies himself/herself to their God-appointed task, God has and will bring the increase.

Please know that we stand with you in this church planting effort and look forward to a long relationship with you as a sister church.  Lord willing, we will be able to fellowship with you in person in 2009.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus,
Pastor George P. Jones
Family Life Church
Waukegan, Illinois