If you ever walk through my office at church you are likely to notice an interesting assortment of objects on my bookcase. For example, you wouldn’t expect to find a Warren Buffett bobblehead, now would you? A recent addition is an old glass insulator from a telephone pole. Most of the objects have some kind of meaning to me and I enjoy them.

This week I remembered to place a very special figurine for the Christmas season. Someone gave it to me two years ago, but I forgot to get it out last year. This year I remembered! It is a figurine of Santa Claus kneeling at the manger. You have probably seen such before.

I have always liked depictions of Santa kneeling before the manger, because I am not inherently opposed to various Christmas traditions, whatever they might be. However, wherever they are, whether it is a little fun with Santa or exchanging gifts, I always want to remember and want to teach our children that first and foremost, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior! All of our Christmas traditions MUST bow before Him. He must be central in our thoughts and in our family celebrations! May you have a Christ-filled Christmas season!

–Pastor Jones