Are you old enough to remember the days before cell phones?  Contrary to popular belief, life was survivable.  I’ve had to remind myself of this the past month, since Waukegan instituted its Cell Phone Ban for Drivers.  I’m certainly re-thinking, before I flip open my phone while driving, lest I be ticketed and fined.  Maybe it’s time we all did some “re-thinking” about our cell phones.

I wonder… what if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone?  … If we never left home without it?  … If we flipped through it to check for messages several times a day? … If we grabbed it first, in an emergency? … If we went back to get it, when we left it behind?  … If we used it to  send encouraging texts? … If we gave it as a gift to our kids?  … If we made sure each family member always carried theirs?  … If we utilized all the plan benefits to the fullest.

If we lost our Bible (or had it taken away) would all our vital information be gone, or would it be backed up on the memory of our hearts?