Are You Passionate for the Passion?

Are You Passionate for the Passion?


It is A.D. 2009 with Holy Week less than two weeks away. Are you feeling excited? Millions of Christians worldwide will recall the events from around A.D. 30 — the crucifixion, burial and resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.

Now, more than ever, in the midst of global crises, Christians will gather together to worship the Living God. Why? Because this God was willing to sacrifice Himself in order to rescue messed-up, selfish, hopeless people who are powerless in themselves to change, and to restore them in relationship to Him! That was the reason for Christ’s Passion (His suffering) and this is the reason we can be passionate in celebrating, as well. After all, it is because of the events in A.D. 30 that we have hope for living through the uncertainty of A.D. 2009.

Day of Prayer
Holy Week


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