CareNet Collection

For the past few months, we have been collecting diapers and “baby bottle” money for CareNet.  Why do we bother doing this?  Because of letters like this one which Director Brenda Benegas recently received:

“When your organization came to my church I passed on some information to my daughter to give her support.  Just a little story about my daughter . . . she found herself quite pregnant some months ago (a single parent to two children already)!   She was very close to aborting but she shared her pregnancy news with me and my natural reaction (being a Christian) was to stand up for the pro-life message.

My daughter did see the pregnancy through and the baby was born a few days ago on Christmas morning.  I was able to be with her and was even asked to cut the cord during the birth . . . amazing!

She is still searching . . . as far as her faith is concerned.  She named the baby Arianna which means “Holy.”   I’m sure she didn’t know the meaning at the time.  I believe God has had His hand on the situation as He is amazing me every day.”