Tres Cruses Building

Pastor Gil Barcelo

A long held vision of planting a Foursquare Church in Tres Cruses, a barrio in the Philippines where a number of our church members were born, was realized in 2007.  At that time, Pastor Gil Barcelo, felt God calling him and his wife, Nora, and their two daughters, Shara and Alika Grace, to move to Tres Cruses to live and work among the people there.

Pastor Gil has officially been appointed by the local Foursquare Church.  Our church has partnered with the new church from the beginning, providing a house for the pastor’s family and monthly support.  Presently the church is meeting in a large barn.  Workers arrive early each Sunday morning to transform the barn into a church!  The church is growing and thriving!

One of the long range goals is to have a new church building built in Tres Cruses.  The property on which the parsonage sits would be ideal.  Towards this end, our church has purchased this property and is in the process of having title transferred to the Foursquare Church in the Philippines.  By God’s grace Family Life Church in Waukegan will partner with this daughter church to build a new, suitable church building.  There is potential to draw not people from Tres Cruses, but from neighboring areas as well

If you would like to contribute to the purchase of the land, please clearly earmark your contribution “Tres Cruses Building Fund.”