“The enemy of the people is not those who hold guns in their hands, but those who hold the Bible in their hands.”

The above quote is from Jiang Zemin, General Secretary of the Communist Party (1989-2002) and President of China (1993-2003).  With five days left until the 2008 Summer Olympics begin in Beijing, the situation faced by many unregistered Christians in China has continued to deteriorate.  Despite assurances from China about improvements in their human rights record, these have not been kept.  Instead, we have been witnesses to a pre-Olympic crackdown on unregistered churches and an alarming increase in persecution of unregistered Christians.

WOULD YOU REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR CHRISTIANS IN CHINA, during the days of August 8-24?  In fact, every time you watch an Olympic event, or see videos on the news, breathe a prayer for our brothers and sisters there.  There will also be thousands of non-Chinese Christians who have come for the purpose of sharing their faith in Christ with others during the games.  Pray that many souls will be saved this month in Beijing, whether or not the Chinese government has given their permission!

–Beth Jones