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Church Picnic

Family Life’s Church Picnic date has been finalized and the location secured! July 11 is the date – write it down!! The picnic will be held (same place as last year) at Mallard Ridge Park (110 Robincrest Lane) in Lindenhurst, IL.

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Youth Group Camp Fundraiser

A bake sale will be held on Sunday, May 24, to raise money for the youth going to camp! It will be held after the 10am service (outside the gym). Donations will be cheerfully accepted as well!

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Thank You Geoff & Ty Sempa!!

We are truly sad to see Geoffrey and Tyiesha Sempa moving to California soon. May 16 will be their last Sunday. They have not only left an indelible mark on our youth, but on each one of us who have gotten to know them. We send them off with our love and prayers!

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Abortion Recovery Bible Study

CareNet Family Resource Center’s Post-Abortion Counseling and Education (PACE) program will facilitate a Bible study this summer (beginning in June) for women who desire to seek God’s healing and restoration from their abortion experience. Please contact PACE coordinator Kathy Knudtson at (262) 658-2222 for more information.

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Bill & Linda Walters

In case you have not heard, Bill and Linda Walters were involved in a very serious car accident in West Bend, WI this past Thursday (5/14). By God’s grace, they both survived a collision with a tractor trailer as well as a rollover. How we glorify God for His protection and grace upon this family […]

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